Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stars and DSOs make their appearance in KStars Lite

As the titlte suggests the latest KStars Lite update brings Stars and DSOs into the game!

Current state of KStars Lite

Currently you can see all named and static unnamed stars (also there will be support for Tycho-2 catalog available as an add-on). Having a node for each of the star results in increased memory consumption but I have an idea which I will implement during optimization phase (maintain all nodes in LRU cache and delete nodes that don't get a lot of user attention).

As usual you will find all the changes in gsoc2016-kstarslite branch. New versions of precompiled apks are available in KStars Lite version archive.

What is next?

This week I plan to finish porting Milky Way, Constellation Art, Satellites and Supernovae and proceed to optimization of KStars Lite performance. In this phase I will try to minimize the number of nodes while still maintaining good performance and change logic behind the loading of stars.

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